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Lord, Forgive Us Our . . .

There are some pitfalls in this brave new world of social media.  One of them is the fact that when I make a blooper, it is exposed not only to the flock (who are used to my many shortcomings) but … Continue reading

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Pig in a Poke

When I arrived to serve First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee in 1985, Florida was coming down with a bad case of lottery fever.  Both conservative Christian groups and the liberal-leaning Florida Council of Churches opposed the establishment of a state-run … Continue reading

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Courage Today

My son Adam gave me the new biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas for my birthday.  At 542 pages, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy made  for good reading at the beach following Christmas. As Metaxas guided me through those … Continue reading

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Dissing the Saints

A colleague sent me an article by Tom Ehrich, dated January 5, which offers an interesting take on the changes churches will have to make to avoid fading into obscurity.  Erhrich, who I gather is an Episcopalian pastor, writes about … Continue reading

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Turning the Tractor

Frank Loveless was born in 1901.  He grew up in Spade, Texas, which is less than a wide spot in the road; it’s just a junction were farm roads intersect.  When Frank was a 16 years old, he was working … Continue reading

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